Math Curricula

Math Curricula

I have a lot of people ask me what order to use my curricula. I wanted the curricula to have the most flexibility, so first and foremost, use it to suit your family’s needs. As I write the curricula, this is the order I had in mind, and the order I implemented with my daughter.

Grade 1: Quality of Numbers 
               Year 1 of Addition and Subtraction

Grade 2: Year 2 of Addition and Subtraction 
               Year 1 of Multiplication and Division

Grade 3: Year 3 of Addition and Subtraction
               Year 2 of Multiplication and Division
                Number Sums
                Year 1 of Fractions

Grade 4: Continue work with Addition and Subtraction
               Year 3 of Multiplication and Division
                Year 2 of Fractions 

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