Quality of Numbers


Quality of Numbers Curriculum is a great introduction to math in a whole new light for grades kindergarten to Grade 3. Instead of learning concepts in isolation, this math studies numbers and their relationships to each other.


This curriculum is a 12-week to a full year study of the numbers 1 through 12, exploring each number and how it relates to the numbers before it. It goes over counting, skip counting, multiples, factors, introduces basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are several activities that go along with the numbers including jumping a number line, making math circles, exploring symmetry, weaving a 100 chart, grouping activities to understand number bonds, and using a counting wheel. It embodies a whole child philosophy where there are physical and and sensory activities to reinforce a child’s learning. It is 50 pages with sample main lesson pages, chalk drawings, a list of recommended books and resources, an example of a schedule, and a list of supporting videos links. No other books are required, but several are suggested a few of which are free as PDF downloads. It is advised that Cuisenaire rods and a basic Counting Wheel be used in conjunction with the material.

Because of the nature of digital products, no sharing, lending, or giving of the guide or link is allowed, and all sales are final. You are allowed to print personal copies for your individual family. Please contact me to talk about co-op pricing and adaptations.

Please know your State/Country requirements for homeschooling to make sure the main educational materials you choose meets those requirements.