Policies and Disclosures

Cookies. Occasionally I eat them! And apparently so does Word Press, Amazon, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics. They don’t only eat them, they give them away first. The cookies that I’m referring to are the little bit of coding placed on your computer to track which of my pages you like most (meaning the ones that you visit, ) and a few bits more information that I really don’t know about. Word Press, who hosts my blog and site, uses these to tell me which of my posts are the most popular.. Google Analytics also uses them for the same reason and to keep up with how much I’m making off my ads. You can choose to turn off the cookies and not allow them through the settings of your internet browser.

Affiliate Links I have these too, but I don’t eat them, and neither should you. I participate in Amazon’s affiliate link program, which gives me a tiny percent of a sale when an individual uses the link I’ve provided to make a purchase. It does not change the cost for you, but it allow me to organize my favorites in a way that’s easy for you to view and make a little money to cover my costs. I’m hoping the amount that I make will cover the cost of the website domain and blogging plan. Not all, but some of the links found within my site will have links to Amazon. If you choose to use these, I give you my heart felt thanks. I very much appreciate your support. I want to encourage you to use small businesses and Etsy accounts first. Also check Rainbow Resources and Thriftbooks.com for cheaper book prices.

Privacy I like mine, and I’m guessing you like yours too. When you sign up for my emails or exchanges, you give your name, email, and other information. I will not share yours unless you give me permission when you sign up to do one of my homeschool exchanges. Signing up for an exchange is giving permission to give your contact information to others. I will share your information only with the people you are exchanging with unless otherwise noted. Never will I sell your information. When you sign up for my newsletter, Mailchimp, a company I use to create and send my newsletter and notices, gets your email address too. Here is Mailchimp’s privacy policy regarding you.

Copywrite Thebeautyofplay.com and it’s content is created, owned, and managed by Della Parker-Hanson. I encourage you to and love it when you copy the activities and experiments, and use the information. All that I ask is that you credit me by linking to my site or using my Instagram/Facebook handle @beauty_of_play. All written material must be approved in writing to be copied or reproduced. If you’ve read this far, you are amazing! Thank you! and Enjoy my site.