Addition and Subtraction


A three  year journey through the concepts of addition and subtraction.


This curriculum is a beautiful, kinetic three-year journey through the exploration of addition and subtraction. It is includes many mental math techniques, number sense activities, and the exploration of regrouping. Like my other curriculums, movement is integral as is playing with the numbers. Manipulatives used include a physical number line for children to move along, the abacus, the Cuisenaire rods, and the 100 chart.

Year 1 includes games to increase familiarity and help your child memorize number bonds for 10. The bar graph is introduced by playing a cooperative game, Haba Orchard, and halving and doubling are explored through towers with the Cuisenaire rods.

Year 2 continues to explore various mental math stategires. It also moves into using the 100 chart for a child to jump the numbers and learn the number bonds for 10. In this year a child works with 2-digit numbers using many of the techniques from the first year, and learning a few more.  The bar graph is reviewed, this time using Nature Study to collect the data.

Year 3 moves into teaching of the algorithms of addition and subtraction with vertical notation. Number compositions and the substitution game become more complex. Three-digit numbers are explored with the rods and the abacus.