An Inside Look into our Homeschool Math Journal

Some homeschoolers keep a common place book. Some homeschoolers keep a language arts book. We keep a Math Journal. Because I’m not teaching math from a curriculum, keeping a math journal helps us to keep track of where we have been and thus where we are going. When we are stuck on a challenge, we can flip back and see how we did a similar problem before. If we forget a concept, we can flip back to a Main Lesson Page in the Journal.

Today I’m sharing an inside look into my 10-year-olds math journal. We don’t keep them by grade or year, so this particular journal begins in the middle of her 3rd grade last year, and what we have worked on so far in her 4th grade year. I mention many exercises, activities, resources, and the curriculum that I sale. Below are links to all of those. If you have questions, just leave the below in the comments and I’ll answer them. Enjoy.

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  1. Meg says:

    I am interested in how you progressed into such tidy looking work. My 9 year old would love this, but she tends to write randomly all over and not in an ordered manner. It drives my husband crazy, and he wants her working on lined and graph paper so that she can practice being more tidy.

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