Shakespeare Unit

This was a fabulous homeschool unit where everything just came together. There was a lot of interweaving of facts throughout the books and projects.  Our Read Aloud books, The Shakespeare Stealer and Shakespeare’s Scribe, both describe events that we read about in our historical books – the coup attempt by the Earl of Essex, the fire at the Globe, and the Black Plague. The book A Stage Full of Shakespeare Stories was the perfect retelling of the Shakespeare plays and gave us just the right anchor for understanding the mentions of Shakespeare’s various plays in his other books. And the book that we used for our spine, Shakespeare: his Work and his World, was perfect for “setting the stage” in our study of Shakespeare. The illustrations were beautiful; the information was engaging; and it explained much that we would see in our other books.

Our projects were both rather simple, but perfect. We used our diversity peg dolls to create the characters of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and we also made a miniature replicate of the Globe. Another resource that really brought the study of the Globe to life was the virtual tour available from The Globe.

Below is a video with an inside look at the books and resources that we used with pictures of the book and links to the resources following. Below that is a video of the chalkboard drawing that I did for this unit, and bringing up the end is the projects that we did for this unit.

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