Number Sums Unit…coming soon

This curriculum is a fun, easy way to liven up your math routine, cultivate noticing patterns in math, and review various concepts all integrated together. It is an exploration of number sums (adding of numbers) from the basics of just adding counting numbers to more complicated activities of adding factors and multiples. there are some great discoveries to make a long the way.

The curriculum is comprised of six exercises. This could take from a week if skimmed through quickly, up to two weeks if you take your time. I not only give you step-by-step instructions on doing the activity, but I also show you how we explore the world of numbers with prompts to ask, the observations you may see, and even worksheets for the activities to make it easy for you. It goes over some of the patterns in Pascal’s triangle and Fibonacci’s Sequence, as well as Multiple Sums and their Spirals.

If your child is not enjoying math or if you want your child/ren to see numbers in a whole, relationship-based way, this is the unit to start with.

This unit is appropriate for children who have been introduced to multiplication and up, especially if they have not seen this kind of math before, and I highly recommend the use of Cuisenaire Rods (not necessary, particularly for children well-versed in multiplication, division, and factoring.)

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