Using Songs and Music for Homeschooling

“Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning to you. Our day is beginning. There’s so much to do. Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning to you.”

This song was the song that I sang every morning with each of my children when we started our our circle time when they were young. It was a great way to signal the start to our school time, and helped them transition into our calendar activities. Even for calendar time we sang the days of the week and the months of the year. Songs and music are a wonderful way to learn and reinforce learning or use to keep a family rhythm. Below are a few songs and albums that we used during our elementary years. I would love to credit them, but I don’t remember where I learned them. I think some may have come from Greg and Steve during my days of teaching preschool over 20 years ago.

These were songs that we sang:

Good Morning to You
Our Version of the Alphabet Song for Learning Letters
The Days of the Week
Months of the Year

CD’s We’ve Used

First Language Lessons This CD is full of stories found inside the first and second volume of First Language Lessons. It also has chants for helping verbs, prepositions, and other parts of speech. It does have religious undertones.

Grammar Songs This CD is full of songs about grammar and parts of speech.

Listen in Addition A jazzy collection of fun songs helping to learn addition facts.

Multiplication Sensation This was a fun CD that helped with learning the skip counting and the multiplication facts.

En Mi Casa This delightful upbeat music CD helped us with learning spanish. It was a perfect accompaniment to our Singsong Spanish curriculum.

A Child’s Introduction to Poetry This book comes with a CD of the poems within the book. We loved listening to all the different poems, especially the silly limericks.

Story of the Orchestra This book is about classical music and has an accompanying CD that has a sample of songs for each musician that the books describes.

The Classical Kids Collection In this collection each of CD’s focuses on individual classical musician. The CD tells a story in a lively manner about the musician as you listen to a compilation of the artists work. I love the story lines. It’s a great way to introduce children to classical music and still hold their interest.

Maestro Classics Collection This is another classical music collection. There are less in this collection, and they go over one piece of music. This is also told in story form. The beauty of this collection is the narrator, during the story, tells the children what sounds, patterns and rhythms to listen to and what they represent in the music.

What CD’s or songs did you use in homeschooling? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Kelli says:

    Hi Della! I’m checking out your blog today and just loving it. <3 We have a song that we song for months that I learned in Kindergarten but have never heard again. I'll have to sing it for you–the kids LOVE it. You sing it in choo-choo train format and get faster and faster and everyone chugs around the room singing it until they fall down. Even my 12yo does it with us today lol

    1. That’s an awesome way to do it. What fun!!

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