Homeschool Planning for my Daughter’s Year 4 Journey

We start homeschooling again in not quite two weeks. I finally settled down and finalized with a framework for our year will look like. I say framework, because in homeschooling things change, and it’s important to be adaptable. In the video below I go over the blocks we will be doing and why I scheduled them when I did. I go over our schedule, our enrichment loop, the artists and musicians that I’ve chosen to study (this is very much likely to change,) and some of my source books, particularly for math. You’ll notice an addition to our enrichment loop – writing. I’m ready to start integrating some writing activities like free writes and some from the Writer’s Jungle. I’ve included in the blog the forms that I’m using to keep myself straight, especially in math since I tend to do the more fun things and miss mastery some times. I realized that we will likely go over more than on my goals as I left off area and perimeter. The only true curriculum that we are using this year in pieces and parts is Julie Bogart’s Brave Writer Dart program and Rosetta Stone for Spanish. Brave Writer does integrated copy work, grammar, and literary analysis within a read aloud book and writing. This fits my style perfectly. The accounts that I mention in the video in regards to watercolors are Hana with Pepper and Pine and Heidi with Twig and Berry Farm Homeschool. The source books and links to them are below.

Planning my Daughter’s Fourth Homeschooling Year

Video Timeline
0:30 Blocks and schedule overview
2:53 Blocks in a little more detail
6:50 Details on why I scheduled which block during the year
9:23 Charlotte Mason part of our homeschooling and the Enrichment Loop
10:43 Math Objective and Cursive Sheet
11:48 Our Artists and Musicians for the year (likely to change)
12:23 Books and Sources

Creative Form Dra

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