Paper Quilling a Snowflake

I added paper quilling to our handcrafts back in October with some pumpkins. This was the first bit of paper quilling that we had added to our homeschooling. It is a delightful craft and easy to do with children. The pumpkin is a nice beginning piece, because it goes over a few basic quilling techniques and uses those to fill in a simple circle pumpkin. I’m hoping to do a video on that soon, as it’s the perfect first project for quilling.

However, we are moving into the winter season, and I wanted to try something more seasonal for winter. What better project could there be than a snowflake. It goes without saying that the more consistent in size and shape the pieces and the more precise the placement, the better the snowflake. One could use a sizing tool, but because sizing tools are challenging for children to use, I did not use them in this video. I am mostly trying to keep the same size and shape with the length of paper and the consistence in making them. Don’t hesitate to throw a shape out and make another. I cut it out of the video for time, but I did this at least twice.

I show 5 different quilling techniques that are layered in circles with 6-point symmetry to the snowflake, but these do not have to be the techniques or the arrangement you use. The possibilities are endless, just as the shapes of real snowflakes are. You and your child can also stop early. This does require a lot of repetition and your child may tire of it. By the third layer of quills, the piece resembles a snowflake. This is a good stopping point, as each layer after it is.

I used a quilling kit from Amazon as the idea was slightly overwhelming when I started. I’m so glad that I did!! The kit was not too expensive, and it came with more than all we needed to get started. It was perfect for us. I had originally thought I would cut the paper myself, but I’m so glad I didn’t. There is no way I could cut our paper as thin or crisp as the paper supplied to us. I also purchased extra quilling tools so there would be enough for my family.

I hope you enjoy. If you make a snowflake, I’d love to see it. Tag me on Instagram @beauty_of_play or on Facebook @beautyofplay.

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