Leaf Crown Tutorial

Even though for most of the Country the color of the leaves have faded and snow has fallen on a few choice places, here in North Florida we are just now seeing a bit of color in our trees. Having made our first leaf crown of the season, I thought I’d share our process. It’s a short and simple one, but it offers so much magic to childhood.

  1. First gather a group of uniform, supple leaves of color for your crown.  Make sure there is still moisture in them or they will crack too easily to make the crown. They can still even be attached to a tree when collected.leaf crown tutorial (1 of 8)
  2. Fold your first leaf in half, and then fold a second around the first tip covering about 1/2 to 2/3 of your first leaf.leaf crown tutorial (4 of 8)
  3. Take the stem of your second leaf and use it to poke a hole through the first leaf and then weave the stem into the hole securing the first two leaves.leaf crown tutorial (7 of 8)leaf crown tutorial (8 of 8)
  4. Continue to do this until you have a long chain of leaves. Measure your child’s head with you chain of leaves and continue to add leaves until their is enough room for a slight overlap.leaf crown tutorial (3 of 8)
  5. Fold one end of the chain into the other and use the tails to weave the ends together. Alternatively us a small paperclip and clip the ends together.leaf crown tutorial (2 of 8)

Enjoy your fall crowns. I’d love to see them, so tag me @beauty_of_play if you make them.

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