Tree Unit Resources, Games, and Activities

New Blog Post: I’ve just finished a blog post going over the resources, game, and activities for our Tree Unit. This has been such a delightful unit. There is the usual list of games and book with details of our favorites and what each book contains in the post. In addition though, I go into detail about how we incorporated math, geography, writing, poetry, art, and science into the unit with a list of activities. Enjoy and be sure to tell me what you think or what I left out. Go hug a tree today. They are amazing creatures.

Leaf Crown Tutorial

Even though for most of the Country the color of the leaves have faded and snow has fallen on a few choice places, here in North Florida we are just now seeing a bit of color in our trees. Having made our first leaf crown of the season, I thought I’d share our process. It’s…

Slowing down for the Winter Season

When September rolls around each year, I have a sense of anticipation. The long hot summer days of Florida have started to wear on all of us. We’ve retreated into the recesses of our air-conditioned home to escape the bugs and humidity.  So when September hints at the possibility of cooler weather, which is actually…

Fall Window Cling Tutorial

One of our favorite things to do in the fall is to make window clings to place on our windows for decoration. There is a little bit of wait time involved, but this project is it rather easy one and a lot of fun. The overall project includes making lead lines with black fabric paint….

Seasonal Traditions

This time of year holds so many family traditions for us that make my heart grow warm at the start of the fall. I came to realize recently that these traditions serve as guide posts and memories for my children. I hope they seed a deep core of being cherished that guides through rough patches…