Vegan Corn-free Dairy-free Truffles

We have food allergies so my family can’t just go out and buy a box of chocolates, but never fear. Thankfully someone else has done all the work to find a truffle alternative.  Many folks asked from my instagram account (@beauty_of_play) so I’m sharing the links I used to make our truffles here.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars (I used almond butter)

Vegan Coconut Ganache Truffles  (This was the first time making these and they are divine. I added a little orange liquor flavoring)

Easy Vegan Truffles  (This is the classic what I think of when I think vegan truffle)

Vegan Chocolate Caramels (A mold is necessary for this one, but so worth it)

And this is the box pattern that I used to make their boxes. I just put each piece in a small muffin paper and placed them in the box. I had some candy foils left over that I used to wrap the caramels in.

Enjoy. If you make any, be sure to tag me on instagram so I can see.

Happy Valentine’s Day







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