Making Maple Candy

An Activity for our Native American History and Literature Study – The Anishinaabe Nation

As part of our Anishinaabe study under our Native America History and Literature block we attempted making maple syrup candy. It was surprisingly simple and easy to make with only one ingredient – maple syrup. I wanted to use an Anishinaabe elder’s recipe, and surprisingly I did find one online. However, her skills were well beyond my own, so we used a recipe with more modern measurements and appliances.

We halved a recipe that we used was from All Recipes. It involves bringing a cup of maple syrup to boil on the stove and heating it until it reaches 235 degrees F. We allowed it to cooled until 175 degrees, stirred it for five minutes, and then poured into the molds and allowed them to set. 

Super simple. I think it may have been the easiest homeschool project we’ve done. They were absolutely delicious. Here is a video of our process. 

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