Schooling at Home thru the Covid-19 Pandemic

Homeschooling is not school at home. It has a totally different look and feel to it. I think at a time like this we probably have enough stress, that to try to replicate school at home right now would be far too much. But I do have some ideas that can promote, encourage, and continue learning for your child or just provide some entertainment and family time. The two main suggestions are below. These I think will bring you some sanity. You can find other activities here, but everything else is icing on the cake. 
Read Aloud

  1. Start a read-aloud this week.. If nothing else, this would be my greatest recommendation. Find a book to read aloud.  Read a chapter or two each day, just allowing yourselves to enjoy the book. You can choose from classics, or books lying around the house. I know many libraries are closed.  My favorite used online bookstore is Thriftbooks.  This referral link will get your a 15% discount.  You can get unlimited eBooks and audio books (no one said *you* have to be the one doing the reading) with This referral link with give you 60 days free.  The Scribd membership has additional perks including Pandora Plus (a music subscription service,) Curiosity Stream (an educational documentary service) and Farfaria (Unlimited read-to-me children’s storybooks & bedtime stories for kids ages.)  Audible is also offering free stories and children and youth audio books at this time.

Family Rhythm

  1. Establish a  Family rhythm.  Start by noticing what your family’s natural rhythm is. Do you guys wake up early? Do you wake up late? Are people ready to engage with you in the morning or is it better to let them play in the morning and engage with them in the afternoon? The first thing is to just observe how your natural rhythm is.  You may already know this weekend when your family is off. And then work in whatever activity around that or within that framework. Think about what needs to happen now the family is home to function well like dishes, feeding the chickens, feeding or walking the dog, etc. Maybe have a family meeting and figure out We have changed our Rhythm several times over, but with both my children when they’re young they need to move play get outside, before we come in to do school activities or read aloud where are projects.

This is currently our family rhythm. Notice I didn’t say schedule. We have a routine, but it’s not based on time alone, and that takes a lot of stress off of us.


Free time/COFFEE



      • one child puts the silverware away
      • the other the dishes from the night before
      • Feed chickens
      • Water the garden
      • Walk the dog

Getting ready for the day

      • Brush teeth
      • Brush hair
      • Those kinds of things

Morning play for the younger/ School with me with my high schooler


School with my youngest/ Independent work or play for my oldest

Free time

Dad gets off work

Outside activity (hike, bike, swamp exploration)

Free time


Bedtime routine for the youngest

You can find more information in the menu under “Homeschooling thru Covid-19 Pandemic.” There are more activities here.  If you have any questions, comment below or contact me under the menu “contact.”  Happy Homeschooling.

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  1. annadusseau says:

    Totally agree with you, mama! Crisis schooling through COVID 19 is not homeschooling so whatever works for a particular family and situation, I think is what’s best. Thanks for sharing! x

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you.

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