Developing Number Sense for Fractions

Adding Fraction for Game Points in our Homeschooling

We’ve been playing a RightStart matching game for percentages and fractional equivalencies. The way that we have been calculating our scores for this game has been by adding all the fractions from the pairs. There are many activities that I have in my math curricula Fractions Year 1 and Fractions Year 2 that prepare for this kind of activity. These include the fractions game, the origami fraction activity, the fraction flowers, and RightStart’s One game. I explain in the video below how we work first to establish groups of 1, and then move on to looking how we can make groups of halves. This kind of activity increases the mental capacity for manipulating fractions creating number sense for fractions.

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  1. Victoria Ali says:

    I enjoyed this video. A fun way to make fractions into a game.

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