Body Systems through Art

Last fall a homeschooling friend and I made a trade.  I taught her children biology; she taught mine Spanish. That trade has been one of the best things I’ve done. Not only did my children benefit from her native tongue, but her children were delightful to teach.  Biology became so much more fun with friends.

At the end of biology we investigated the human body systems. During my research I came across this site.  My focus was on late elementary/middle school age children, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. Even if it was a little out of range for age appropriateness, they would still be learning, right?  What I found surprised me.
DSCN4470 (2)

This kind of activity is appropriate for ALL ages.  They each brought their own abilities and skill level to the project. As you look through the pictures you can see the more basic structures in the late elementary kids’ art projects.  With the middle-schooler you can see a real step up.  She not only was more creative artistically, but also more detailed in her anatomy depictions.  She was clever in her uses of material for each system as well.  I was proud of all of them.  They each worked hard on it. It was an ongoing project for weeks in tandem with the experiments that we were doing for each body system.
DSCN4494 (2)
DSCN4493 (2)

In conjunction with the body art, we also did a brain cap project that we used for the brains in the body art.  You can find that project here.


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