The Beauty of Play Math Subscription

The Beauty of Math Community

A subscription for all things math.

Each month a large content piece will drop in the form of a blog post, podcast, video, or pdf file. This will be something specific to do with math. Topics such as ways to learn the multiplication facts and  reviewing long division. The first post with an overview of my favorite math manipulative, Cuisenaire rods,  is already waiting for you.

Throughout the month smaller bonus material will publish. These will be shorter, less intensive content pieces that need less digesting. Items might be math projects you can do with your kids or important things to remember when teaching math.

Discount Code for all Curricula. A 20% discount on all curricula that you purchase from me. 30% if subscribed to an annual plan or both communities quarterly, and 40% if subscribed to both subscriptions annually.

Weekly on-line check-ins within our private community. I’ll initiate a weekly check-in on Tuesdays with what’s working and what need tweaking within our private community. You’ll be able to post, share pictures and stories, ask questions, and more within the community.

Monthly Live Video Chats. Every month on the 20th of the month at 12:30 EST, we’ll meet up to have an half-hour chat about whatever questions you are having.

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