Botany Guide


An activity and art-filled botany guide with all you need for an engaging, interactive botany experience.



This 78-page, activity and art-filled botany guide contains 12 lessons for you to explore and discover the world of plants. These 12 lessons can take as little to 3 weeks or up to 6 weeks of learning botany. The material is written with children ages 8 through 12 in mind, but can be adapted for children outside this age range.

I’ve compiled all the information to make it easy on you. The beginning of the guide has a master supply list, a long book list (only 3 spines are shown), suggested games, as well as useful details that explain how to use the guide. These details include instructions on how to conduct narrations and illustrations, as well as using ‘notice and wonder’ in your learning journey. There is also a piece on why memory recall is important and a note on pacing.

Lessons comprise a wide variety of engaging activities from exploring genetics with beans, to growing plants to observe, painting growing zones, or dying with plant material. Each lesson includes daily reading suggestions, discussion prompts, objectives, vocabulary, supply list, and instructions for each activity. There are prompts for memory recall, narration, and illustrations every fourth lesson.

Additional activities are listed in the appendix of the guide. The guide also contains worksheets to make the activities easier on the teacher and Main Lesson/notebook pages to serve as examples.

If you are looking for something engaging, fun, and artful, but easy on you. This is it. Everything that you need is written out for you to make it easy, but still have fun and engaging science lessons. Notes on how the science works and details of what you are observing are included, so you aren’t having to stop and look it up or find someone who knows. This is a guide that does require teacher involvement.