completed DIY Grimm's style rainbow 100 chart for math
completed DIY Grimm’s style rainbow 100 chart for math
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Making a 100 Chart for Math

I adore Grimm’s Counting with Wooden Number Chart, but I couldn’t move past the $140 sticker price, though I think it’s well worth it. Still I really wanted a 100 chart like this, because we will be using the 100 chart a lot this coming school year for my youngest. I wanted something “whole brained” where the numbers could be moved and played with. I decided to try making one myself. Though it’s not a Grimm, I’m happy with the results. Here’s how I did it.

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Making a Book

Occasionally my daughter will come to me and ask me to make her a book. We first started out with simple single-signature books, but then I found this wonderfully beautiful book, The Little Book of Book Making. This book has taken our book-making skills to a new level. It shows the art of book-making. It…

Wild Bird Egg Replica Project

When we arrived on birds within our animal block, I knew I wanted to replicate Hana’s, with Pepper and Pine, egg project. Her YouTube video has been so helpful in avoiding mistakes that I’m almost sure we would have made without her wonderful guidance. We made a couple of deviations from her process. We were able…

Dissecting Owl Pellets

We’re in the middle of our Animal block, just about the part of nocturnal animals, and it seemed fitting do dissect an owl pellet. This gives us an opportunity to talk about how owls feed, and a chance to review the information that we’ve gone over on skeletons already, and a great intro to bird….

Trophic Levels and Food Web Lab

I have waited through our animal block so long to get to this lab. It’s messy and a lot of work, but so much fun. Basically we built our own food web. To do so we needed plant, animal, and fungi cards. We used the cards from our game Into the Forest, which worked perfectly….


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