Trees Unit Study…coming in December

This curriculum is a 12-lesson unit study introducing Trees. The unit is intended for the grade span of 2nd through 5th, but could be adapted for younger and older children. It can take from 3 to 4 weeks to cover the material. It covers types of trees and areas where they grow as well as anatomy and physiology of trees. It also includes instruction on using leaf type, arrangement, shape, veination, and margins as well as tree bark to help identify trees. Geography, math, writing, narration, science demonstrations, and art lessons are all included in this curriculum. It includes a printable game of an adaptable ”Who is it?” type tree game using the information learned through the unit.

The following books and resources are used within the unit. These books are used throughout the unit and will need to be purchased.

Because of the nature of digital products, no sharing, lending, or giving of the guide or link is allowed, and all sales are final. You are allowed to print personal copies for your individual family.

Please know your State/Country requirements for homeschooling to make sure the main educational materials you choose meets those requirements.

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